Gautam Trivedi is the C.E.O of WebtriX Technologies Ltd. which offers affordable web site design services for small, large businesses and anyone requiring a unique site design. You are guaranteed an affordable price on your web site design, graphic design or web application development project with us. Webtrix Technologies provides a  quote on your project within a few hours of placing the request. Please click here to get a freee quote on your project right away.
Gautam Trivedi is an Internationally recognized web design and development consultant with a client base spread across the world. Read what clients have to say about Gautam and his team.
Internet and Web Business Consulting
Gautam Trivedi has more than 15 years experience in helping small- to medium-sized businesses profit online. He is the C.E.O of WebtriX Technologies Ltd, an Internet consulting firm located in New Delhi, India, and is the webmaster for 100's of companies across the world mainly U.S.A., U.K. and Europe.

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Web development outsourcing services, conceptualizing and designing websites, logo and branding, developing online strategies, programming applications, integration of 3'rd party software, managing servers, ecommerce integration, designing usability, optimizing websites for search engines, and marketing online.